Hey all! Welcome to the new, improved, more modern, DEVICE-RESPONSIVE chipocrite.com. All in all, it’s not drastically different from the old site, other than it has a more contemporary look I suppose; even though I was quite happy with the old site, it was from 2010 or so, I believe, so, yeah. But I’ve also cleaned up some dead links and fixed some other things to just make it a little more “now.” Additionally, considering the last “News” update on my old site was from 2.5 years ago, and I kept telling myself that was OK because a “big site update was coming SOON…” Well, it was just time. That time is now. Here we are.

I’m not gonna bore you with the boring details of ALL the various news items I would have posted about if I had been more actively invested in the old chipocom between that 2.5-year-old update and today. I played a bunch of cool gigs, I spoke at some really great educational/informative events, I performed in Australia(!?!?), I created and produced a really neat online series of chiptune how-to courses with a great music education site called Soundfly, got engaged… umm… had a lot of salads and stir fries…

Oh, yeah, and I’ve been working super extensively on EarthNight, both the music and general game involvement. The music is DONE — written, produced, recorded, mastered… Everything, really. Just getting the final details together and working on finishing up the game so we can release them in tandem. But I promise as soon as there are details about that, they will be posted here! In the meantime, how about a sneak preview?

That’s the update for now. Check back soon for more; I promise big things are coming.