If you’ve ever purchased any of the releases on my Bandcamp page, you might’ve received a notification that I posted something new recently. And maybe you’re REALLY attentive to details and noticed that my “Hit and Run: Cheese N’ Beer Special Edition” has been missing from the web™ for a few weeks. Well, those two things are, in fact, related. The short version of what’s going on is this: I recently decided to move my first EP, “Hit and Run,” from the Cheese N’ Beer Bandcamp page to my own discography. It’s mostly a bookkeeping/simplicity move, but I know it affects some of you in that “H&R” is now no longer in your Bandcamp streaming library, so I added some headie new bonus content to (hopefully) make it worth your while if you decide you really need it in your library and want to buy it again. (Or maybe the new bonus content is of interest to you and you want to buy it ANYWAY? It’s totally up to you and cool either way!)

Check out the “Hit and Run: Unceremonious 8.5-Year Anniversary Edition” HERE:


In other news, I will have absolutely HUGE, mind-blowing details about “EarthNight” and its soundtrack (which is almost ENTIRELY actual new material) very, VERY soon! So stay tuned, friends!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in more details about the new “H&R” special edition, here are some notes from the release to explain in further depth…

About 8.5 years ago, some really excellent friends of mine released the digital Bandcamp version of my first EP, “Hit and Run,” through their net label, which they deliciously called Cheese N’ Beer. Like the tasty treats in the label’s name, this business agreement was a perfect pairing, and one that we were — and still are! — all proud of. As the years have gone by, the label has sort of winded down, and in a completely friendly and totally amicable agreement, we’ve decided to give me full control of the Bandcamp version of this EP so I can include it in my own discography a little more seamlessly. So here it is, re-uploaded in all its original Game Boy glory!! 

If you’ve already bought this album in any format, I don’t expect you to pay more money for it again, but I did want to set a minimum price — albeit a low one! — because hey, music has value. So, if it DID unfortunately disappear from your Bandcamp library and you realllllly want it back in there and need to buy it again, in addition to my most sincere apologies, I’m offering several special bonus tracks and other extra content, some of which was not available on either the original CD OR the CNB release! 

“Free High Fives to the Face” (the original version of the first song I ever composed in LSDJ) and “Buck Fu,” both of which were previously available on the CNB version of this album, are here once again, in addition to another early favorite, “You’re Fired,” previously available on the original 8static compilation from a zillion years ago. I’ve also added two NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED live versions of “Beat Reporter” and “Positron,” recorded in chiptune superhero Nick Maynard’s basement at a 2011 Rochester Chip Halloween show. They’re a bit crackly at times, but I think it’s worth it for the super smooth beautiful transition between the two songs and the fun live editing I did, which makes them interesting to compare to their studio-version companions. 

What’s more, the after-purchase download also includes some bonus unused/in-progress artwork (by the fantastic Jake Beadenkopf), a big version of the original live performance photo of me from the CD, and the full downloadable video for a live version of “I Quit” made by my great friends, Workers of the East!! 

So yeah, hopefully you enjoy all this fun extra stuff! 

Also, wait, holy crap, it’s been 8.5 years?! When did THAT happen?!