It’s true, it’s true! After several years of development , EarthNight (the GAME, as opposed to just my soundtrack part) is done, and out, and ready for you to play. Go forth, slayers, and save the world from the dragon apocalypse!

Now, yes, we did release it as one of the launch titles with Apple Arcade back in September of this year, and we were thrilled to be a part of that — and it’s been awesome to see people playing and enjoying it on their Apple devices! But we’re also super excited to be able to say we’re now also available on all your favorite other devices: Nintendo Switch, Steam (Mac and PC) and very very soon, PS4! (I will update this post accordingly.)

I’m not even sure what the appropriate words are for expressing how amazing it has been to work on this project, how proud I am of the entire Cleaversoft team, and just how incredible it is to finally put this final product out into the world after such a long time developing it. Suffice to say, it’s unreal and unlike anything else I’ve ever been a part of in my entire life. So, below are a few links to the various places you can get the game. If you wouldn’t mind checking it out, I’d really appreciate the support, and I’m pretty sure you’ll have some fun!!



Apple Arcade:

And oh yeah, if anyone was wondering, yes, I did all of the music and sound effects for the game (with the exception of writing “The Forever World” and arranging/producing the song’s orchestral version — credit for that goes to Yoshimi Kudo and Hitoshi Sakimoto’s Basiscape Team). But I also did a bit of level design — many of the World 4 dragon sections have my name all over them — a buttload of testing, some of the dialog writing, and generally anything else I could do to help get the game done and spread the good word. So it truly was a fully immersive experience, and I really am incredibly proud on several levels!!