SOLD OUT — EarthNight OST on limited-edition 12″ cloudy blue vinyl (2-LP set!)

The EarthNight OST on beautiful cloudy blue vinyl! This 2-LP set includes the full game soundtrack, the Game Boy-only versions of all level songs, AND the “Sentient Safety Slide” EP bonus tracks!!! You can also get it along with the game on a real PlayStation 4 disc in a nice, tidy bundle. Endless thanks to Limited Run Games for producing these special limited-edition packages — I’m so excited to have these gorgeous physical versions out there in the wild!!

I’m thrilled but also so sorry to report that all the EarthNight vinyl AND PS4 physical discs SOLD OUT in less than 48 hours. Unreal! I hope everyone who really wanted one got one, and I hope you all enjoy!!

Learn more about the EarthNight OST Vinyl here

Learn more about the EarthNight OST Vinyl/PS4 Disc Bundle here

Wordplay on limited-edition 12″ transparent purple/black splatter vinyl

Hear the sounds of Wordplay in their delicious analog glory. Marvel at the absolutely beautiful transparent purple vinyl with black splatter, which is meant to represent your mind being blown by Michael Zucker’s incredible job remastering the album specifically for this medium. Do the word search in a more reasonable size! Limited edition!!

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EarthNight OST

The full OST in beautiful physical disc format. Feel that gorgeous mattahan artwork in your hands! 


8-Bit Lebowski limited quantities still available!

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Hit and Run — six all-original hot trax! $5 plus shipping!

Zoey already has hers!

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