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Now Available: ‘EarthNight’ OST on limited-edition 12″ cloudy blue vinyl (2-LP set!) and Physical PS4 Discs

See, 2020 hasn’t been ALL garbage. I’m thrilled to announce that the EarthNight OST is now available to order on beautiful cloudy blue vinyl! This 2-LP set includes the full game soundtrack, the Game Boy-only versions of all level songs, AND the “Sentient Safety Slide” EP bonus tracks!!! You can also get it along with the game […]

EarthNight release show POSTPONED

Hi all. Hope you’re doing well out there. Things are definitely…… different right now. I’m keeping it together myself and trying my best to focus on the good things, the silver linings… It might not seem like it right now, but they are there if you look for them. We’ll make it through this. There […]

EarthNight Now Available on PS4, and Join Us for Our Release Party!

Just a quick update to officially announce here that EarthNight is now available for just about every system — including, most recently, Playstation 4! Here’s a collection of quick links so you can get it on your platform of choice with minimal delay: PS4: Steam: Switch: Apple Arcade: And what’s this? […]

Welcome to the New Site!

Hey all! Welcome to the new, improved, more modern, DEVICE-RESPONSIVE All in all, it’s not drastically different from the old site, other than it has a more contemporary look I suppose; even though I was quite happy with the old site, it was from 2010 or so, I believe, so, yeah. But I’ve also […]