New EarthNight music!?!? It’s true!!

For the game’s big 2.0 update — which was released on Steam and Apple Arcade earlier this month (July 2020) and will be rolling out to other platforms ASAP — I composed and recorded a brand new original song as a background variant for World 1. This includes both full-band and Game Boy Only versions, as well as boss music.

“Sentient Safety Slide” is meant as a companion to the other Thermosphere songs (“Little Computer People” and “Baby Cat and Baseball”) from the full EarthNight OST. So whether you’re a die-hard fan of the game who’s been loving the 2.0 update and enjoying hearing some more musical variety in the Thermosphere, or you’re just a chiptune fan looking for some hott new summer jamz, “Sentient Safety slide” is for you!

Get “Sentient Safety Slide” and its related versions on Bandcamp as a standalone EP to complement the game’s original soundtrack, or find it on your favorite digital platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, what-have-you).

Also: Attentive listeners might remember this song from its world premiere during my performance in the I/O Chipmusic Open Mic International that was streamed on Twitch earlier this summer. As of this posting, the link to watch that video is still available! My clip starts around 01:26:00, but it’s worth watching the entire thing, because everyone who contributed was friggin’ awesome.

Also also: Check out that gorgeous cover art from mattahan!

Anyhoo, thank you, as always, for your continued support!!